About the Illinois Amish

The Amish in our area are "House Amish." The first Amish family came to Arthur in 1865. There are 22 church districts in this locality which covers an area of approximately twelve miles East and West, and 15 miles North and South with Arthur in the center of the settlement....

There are approximately 3500 Amish in the Arthur area. An average family consists of six children.  When the young people are married they are often given a parcel of land by one of the fathers from which they are to make their living. An average Amish farm consists of approximately 80 acres. Their main crops being wheat, oats, clover, and corn. Until a few years ago, farming was their only way of life. Due to the fact that ground is no longer plentiful, some of them are leaving farming for other ways of life such as woodworking, canning, watch repair, and several are now employed at various manufacturing jobs in the Arthur area. Many Amish folk are also employed in various community support businesses such as metal workers, machinists, and rural grocery and supply stores.

Wood working has been a mainstay industry around Arthur for many years. As mentioned elsewhere, the Arthur Amish have adopted quality over quantity as their trademark and produce fine cabinetry and furniture that is shipped all over the country. In our main street store in Arthur we are a showroom for a number of the smaller shops who make custom pieces while minimizing their contact with the outside world. Visit our Custom Furniture site for more information on that topic.

The Arthur Amish have more recently developed truck farms and wholesale produce production supplying numerous restaurants in the Midwest as well as folks want to can their own farm fresh vegetables. As always the Amish have been known for their food. The fine jams, jellies and fruit butters offered here are produced by a local Amish family using a family recipe and are produced on a local Amish family farm. These toppings are wonderful on their own, or make great gifts any time. We have happily sold this line of jellies for more than 15 years, and continually have to "resupply" our past customers.

If you operate a retail outlet, you might consider contacting us about our wholesale ability. The quality sells itself and results in many repeat visits.

F.A.Q. about the Illinois Amish people.